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 Cirad Montpellier




Cirad, UMR Eco&Sols
Campus La gaillarde Institut AGro - INRAe - Bat 12 - 1er étage
2 place Viala - 34060 Montpellier
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Research Interest 

Forest ecology                          Climate change                        Natural disturbances / Extreme Events

Multi-risks                               Vegetation dynamics                Ecosystem processes modeling

My research is focused on the study of dynamics of natural disturbances (drought, fire, insect outbreaks) and vegetation in forests and agroforestry systems, and their close and complex interactions with climate. The aim is to 1) quantify the impacts on these ecosystems of global warming (including climatic and socio-economic forcings) and the future risks of natural disturbances, and their combined effects, and 2) define optimal land management strategies (prevention and mitigation) to reduce the vulnerability of these ecosystems to global change. To this end, I combine multiple data sources such as forest inventory data, products of remote sensing data with process-based modeling of vegetation functioning and dynamics of natural disturbances.

For more information on my research, feel free to contact me!

Research Experiences

2024 – 2025 : Post-doctoral Position – UMR Eco&Sols (University of Montpellier, France)

The RESIST project : Cascading effects between drought and bark beetle attack in the forests of eastern France in an era of climate change: what is the role of forest species diversity?

2022 – 2024 : Post-doctoral Position – UMR Eco&Sols (CIRAD, Montpellier, France) – with Dr. Aude Valade

The DM-TropAFS project : Towards climate impact of tropical agroforestry: From local Data to global Model

2020-2021: Post-doctoral Position – UMR Silva (INRAE, Nancy, France) – with Dr. Nathalie Bréda

The BILJOU project: A forest soil water balance dataset to help diagnose the past and future drought events at the France-scale

2018–2020 : Post-doctoral Position – UMR Silva (AgroParisTech, Nancy, France) – with Dr. Christian Piedallu

The Rescale project: High-resolution predictive mapping of soil pH and temperature: modeling and performance assessment at different scales

2018 : Research assistant – Laurentian Forestry Centre, (Quebec city, Canada) – with Dr. Martin Girardin

Implementation of a spruce budworm outbreak module in the LPJ-LMfire model and model parametrization for shrubs-herbaceous species groups

2013-2018 : Ph.D. student – co-tutelle between University of Quebec in Montreal (Canada) and École Pratique des Hautes Études (France) – with Dr. Martin Girardin, Dr. Christelle Hély, Dr. Yves Bergeron and Dr. Jed Kaplan

Past and future risks of wildfires and their incidence on the resilience of the eastern Canada’s boreal forest



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