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Cirad, UMR Eco&Sols
Campus La gaillarde Institut AGro - INRAe - Bat 12 - 1er étage
2 place Viala - 34060 Montpellier
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2007-2009 MS in Atmsopheric Science at UCDavis, USA : Data assimilation for regional modeling of the 2006 California heatwave

2010-2013 PhD at LSCE, Saclay : Spatial and climatic variability of physiological parameters in a global land surface model applied to sugarcane

2013-2017 Post-doc et IPSL, Paris : Carbon balance of the French forest from the tree to the end of life of wood products

2018-2020 Marie Curie fellowship at CREAF, Barcelona : Modeling traits tree response to aridity increase with traits

Since 2020 Researcher at Eco&Sols (CIRAD), Montpellier : Provision of ecosystem services by tropical plantations faced with climate change



My research focus is on the climate change mitigation and adaptation potential of managed ecosystems, from the tree to the end of life of the wood products. In particular, I am interested in quantifying the effect that different management practices have on the exchange of carbon, water and energy between the ecosystem and the atmosphere. For this, I combine multiple data sources such as forest inventory data, ecophysiological trait and flux measurements and forest sector statistics, with models ranging from empirical forest growth to coupled process-based models of the land surface.



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