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HRPP, R&D Building 3rd floor, Kasetsart University, 10900 Bangkok, Thailand
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Senior researcher, I am involved in the "Carbon and global change" group of Eco&Sols. I have been working in CIRAD since 1990. My work links the physiology to the agronomy of tropical tree crops, mainly the rubber tree. This work is done with partners from the producing countries. After 3 years in Gabon, 4 years in Ivory Coast and several in France, I contributed to the building-up of the Hevea Research Platform in Partnership (HRPP) in Thailand from 2001 to 2007. Since 2013, I am back to Thailand as the coordinator of the HRPP. 

Qualification and expertise

I have a double qualification in rubber agronomy, from planting practices to tapping systems, and in ecophysiology, on a tree to cover scale. My specific interest and expertise is the influence of tapping for latex production on the functioning of the whole tree, particularly on carbon and water budget. Latex is a peculiar plant product and this makes the rubber tree a very interesting model to study resource allocation.

I am now extending the scope of my research to environmental and social impacts of tree plantations within the HEVEADAPT (ANR) project that I am coordinating. Our aim is to assess how family plantations can adapt to global changes and keep sustainable.


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