CarSguy EcosolsCarbon in soils in Guyana: Spatialisation and distribution







The main aims of the CarSguy project are

  • determine soil carbon stocks,
  • develop and test a method for direct measurement of stocks by soil spectroscopy.

The project also has a section for modelling the fate of soil carbon stocks following various types of land use change to determine carbon stocks in soils used for agriculture or forestry.

The project is based on

  • The creation of georeferenced databases. These will use points situated on sites used for agriculture and/or forestry and on the main types of soil identified in Guyana.
  • The production of maps for the spatialisation of current carbon stocks and maps using predictive modelled values that will indicate how these stocks change depending on how the soils are treated.
  • The production of a spectrum database for developing a methodology for measuring stocks by spectrophotometry, suitable for studying soils in Guyana.


2015 - 2018


Terres Inovia


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Michel Brossard, Eco&Sols, IRD Guyane
e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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