Once a week Eco&Sols organises a one hour session entitled “Ecology Thursdays” on the ecological approach to the biogeochemistry of soils and agroecosystems. This takes the form of discussions on articles and presentation of research by members of the unit (in particular the students) and by outside lecturers.






  • Create the opportunity for collaboration between members of the unit based on the application of ecological concepts in the biogeochemical functioning of agroecosystems
  • Share these approaches with interested members of the unit who may or may not be familiar with ecological concepts and tools
  • Publicise our ecological approach to the outside world through the specific characteristics of applying ecological concepts to agrosystems

In particular, the Ecology discipline sets out, through the collaboration between scientists within the unit or from outside, to develop and/or apply

  • Concepts, in particular verbal concepts and the associated mathematical models
  • Tools, in particular data analysis statistical tools and tools for use in the field to characterise the functioning of agroecosystems
  • Methods, with in particular sharing computer programs and skills in planning experiments and using software



Thomas Koffel's PhD project

Anne Bisson's PhD project

Team leaders

Tanguy Daufresne & Simon Boudsocq

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