AFS-Tool Kit

SECuRE LDDocumenting local tree knowledge and developing a decision-support tool to improve resilience of agroforestry systems in mountainous areas of Laos and Vietnam




Biova EcosolsRecycling plant and animal biomass in livestock production systems


BacRip EcosolsIdentification of compartments and flows of available phosphorus regulated by BACterivores in the rice rhizosphere in tropical soils using RadIo-isotope33P


Breedcafs2Breeding Coffee for AgroForestry Systems

Développer des nouveaux cultivars du café Arabica adaptés aux systèmes agroforestiers et au changement climatique




BioDivHevea_EcosolsEffect of rubber tree plantations on soil biodiversity


Carun EcosolsCarbon sequestration in agricultural soils in La Réunion. Evaluation, spatial modelling and potential for climate change mitigation

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